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(1.0 Base) 2.5.2 Unnamed

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Released: Aug 12, 2012
Updated: Feb 15, 2014 by victorz
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Application Windows, Zipped
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Application Linux, TARballed & GZipped
application, 53410K, uploaded Aug 13, 2012 - 43 downloads
Source Code Source Code
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Release Notes

Linux has Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit precompiled binaries and Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit precompiled binaries, but you can compile your own as it also contains the source.

The server pack is ready for both Windows and Linux, but you might need to compile your own for Linux (source included)
  • Added 3rd person
  • Added mario jumps
  • Fixed nextprimary code exploit
  • Fix sendmap (must send before voting)
  • Zombies have waves
  • Convert uses rounds instead of ending the match
  • Better throwing knife hit detection
  • Fixed vampire glitch (x2)
  • Fix server "logged in" twice message
  • Fixed martyrdom/suicide bomber crash
  • Fixed CTF drop in mid-air/water/platform
  • Improved the console/chat/obit feeds
  • Fix confirm flags by subtracting the player height
  • Fixed perk menu (time only allows 1 slot)
  • Zombie bots from 12 2n -> 15 n, capped at 30
  • Revise falling damage (99 damage cap, more damage, quadratic, underwater always does 35 after 8 meters)
  • Possible fix for black damage screen
  • Fixed locked master-mode
  • Cannot load into coop-edit by joining an empty server
  • Fix reconnect sync (deaths, etc.)
  • Workaround for message when connecting with admin
  • Fixed laggy drowners (drown if lagging)
  • Transform clips to ammo for ammo modes (sniping/demolition)
  • Fix perk menu (ninja addition) and Ninja also reduces the sound when you hit the ground
  • Fix RPG reload (with spawn ammo of other weapons)
  • Delay explosion from suicide bomber (code hack to fix the double nuke glitch)
  • Clear kill confirm flags
  • Master-server update only every hour (4x less)
  • Obits show (quick/no/recent/hard)-scope
  • Fix auto-reload burst glitch
  • More fun comes from zombies' nades!
  • Condense console killfeed and visual obit killfeed
  • Fix Issue 16 - ADS bug
  • Fix healing damage
  • Fix return flag sound (music) glitch
  • Fix "change loadout" in the MP menu
  • Fix the 2nd perk being a double-slot perk
  • Fix bot balance when switching teams
  • Fix team glitch of getmap
  • Indication if teammates heal your wounds
  • Reresolve for the master-server IP, if the domain changes its IP

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