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AssaultCube Reloaded,
formerly AssaultCube Special Edition

This game is a fork of Assault Cube (obvious from the name) aimed at improvements! Have fun playing!

The new r in the new name now refers to Reloaded. The s in the old name used to refer to Special.

Official Site

Our official website is located at!
Note that the repository has been moved to GitHub.


I decided to make a mod that lets you play the classic with improvements.

Server Note

Our master-server can't check your info port anymore. Auto-checking is working again. Our master-server will currently check if your server's info port is working.
Remember to forward UDP on (your server port + 0) and (your server port + 1)!

Extra Projects

Don't speak English very well? Get our translations!

Did you know that we have an auto-updater?


Features and Improvements

  • Ricochet shots (bouncing bullets)
  • Basic anti-cheat (ones that result in no false positives)
  • More new and different weapons, damage fades over distance
  • New, diverse game modes
  • Better voting system, admin votes don't veto directly
  • Improved radar, shows explosions and shotlines
  • Visual obituaries (killfeed), making it easy to see how somebody got killed
  • Spawn enqueue/dequeue; no need to spam the spawn button
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Vast improvements overall!

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