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Release 2.6.3 (2.7 Beta 3)

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Downloads: 5957
Released: Jan 11, 2016
Updated: Jan 14, 2016 by victorz
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Release Notes


New (and recycled) features:
  • New overload mode: destroy the enemy base
  • New void mutator: different rendering effects
  • 3 new "pro" weapons for pros (harder kills but double points and higher count for killstreaks)
  • HUD waypoints with "world to screen" functions
  • Player nametags (visible teammates and current target) and grenade timers (vision perk)
  • Grenade throw timer
  • [ACR 2.5.2] Zombie nade fun
  • F3 to rescind votes
  • Hide shotlines in hardcore, and hide local shotlines in classic
  • H = /quickknifethrow and Q = /quickknife (use /resetbinds if necessary)
  • More UI options: /spectatebots [ACR 2.5.5], /waypointsize, /nametagfade
  • Typing indicator [ACR 2.5.8] but done more efficiently
  • Scoreboard ranking [ACR 2.5]
  • Increased time for recent scopes (from 300ms to 750ms)
  • Still show older/newer/modded servers in serverbrowser
  • Fake red dot from ACR 2.5.9 (to enable, use /crosshairreddotsize 15)
  • Allow /maxroll 45
  • Server owners can set bot limit, which increased to 64 by default
  • Log bot owner numbers
  • Server-configurable weapon stats [ACR 2.6]
  • New master-server protocol with better auth security and more IPv6 preparations (ACR supports only IPv4 but maps a.b.c.d to ::ffff:a.b.c.d)

  • Fix memory handling issues (overreads, memory leaks) and infinite loops (some inherited from AssaultCube)
  • Fix major server crash when reconnecting
  • AI Improvements (bots try to capture the enemy flag in CTF)
  • DPI issue fix (with dpiAware in manifest.xml)
  • Fix drowning when standing in water
  • Fix throwing knives (when they hit)
  • Delete grenades and knives when the arena round starts
  • Hide dead AI zombies from scoreboard
  • Fix progressive zombie spawning
  • Add sanity check for maprot mode/mutator
  • Restore "Bot control" and "kick/ban" in multiplayer menu
  • Fix classic modes in menu
  • Fix thirdperson sound location
  • Fix issue with stuff beyond far end of fog
  • Fix color in MOTD

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