AssaultCube Reloaded,
formerly AssaultCube Special Edition

This game is a fork of Assault Cube, which is obvious from the name, that aims to improve the classic! Read more at this project's site and have fun playing!

Official Site

Our official website is located at!
Note that the repository has been moved to Github.


I decided to make a mod that lets you play the classic with improvements.

Server Note

Our master-server will currently check if your server's info port is working. Our master-server can't check your info port anymore.
Remember to forward UDP on (your server port + 0) and (your server port + 1)!

Extra Projects

Don't speak English very well? Get our translations!

Did you know that we have an auto-updater?


Features and Improvements

  • Ricochet shots (bouncing bullets)
  • Basic anti-cheat (ones that result in no false positives)
  • More new and different weapons, damage fades over distance
  • New, diverse game modes
  • Better voting system, admin votes don't veto directly
  • Improved radar, shows explosions and shotlines
  • Visual obituaries (killfeed), making it easy to see how somebody got killed
  • Spawn enqueue/dequeue; no need to spam the spawn button
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Vast improvements overall!

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